The best pie shops in the United States


There are few things in life I know for sure. One thing is that nothing else can brighten up your day, especially after exams and arguments, like a good pastry filled with fruits and sugar. And because I’m planning a camping trip across the country, I’ve decided to put together a list of the best pie shops in the USA.

So arm yourself with something sweet, because these shops are going to make your mouth water. Are you ready? Here are the main destinations for a pie lover.

Pie Corps, Brooklyn

This one could go unnoticed if a local didn’t point it out. The shop is tiny and hidden near the McGolrick Park in Brooklyn. Pie Corps offers many sweet and savory treasures, which are more than delicious, with their flaky crust and creative, seasonal fillings. A favorite among customers is The Minty Chocolate, made with sea salt, and the lemon basil custard, which I admit is the first one I’m going to try.

They even have a signature pie, the apple crumb with rosemary, which is best enjoyed with a hot black coffee. The shop offers everything to go as well if you want to take advantage of the shop’s proximity to the park.


Not Just Pie, Monroe, LA

This shop is mostly known for its fabulous pecan pie, for which it even won an award. The chef bakes the pecans in the pie crust first, a thing that allows an even distribution. According to the Internet, the owners started selling a traditional peach pie, which is excellent since these are trendy right now. So, if you want savory goodness, then check them out. If you are a local, there’s no excuse for not visiting the shop.

Manderfield’s Home Bakery, Fox Valley

Fox Valley’s Manderfield’s Home Bakery, although it has a mouthful name, has been in the pie-making game since 1934, which means the people there know a thing or two about baking a delicious surprise. Try out their turtle pie, which is made of chocolate, caramel, and pecans, and also the custard pies, that seem to be particularly delicious and colorful. Even the shop itself is exquisite, which adds a lot to the whole experience.


Three Brothers Bakery, Houston

The bakery was opened in 1949 by a family of Holocaust survivors. Today, it is run by the same Jucker family and their descendants, and they sell delicious goodies like the signature gingerbread cookies. They also make customized cakes for any special occasion. They take pride in the ingredients they use, and in the fact that the pies offer unexpected flavors.

These were some of the pie shops that stood out for me. If you love pies, make sure you support your local shops, because if you don’t do that, they could go out of business, especially since they already have to compete with plain and tasteless products from international brands with a lot of capital.

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