How to cook a great meal at the campsite


There’s something unique about cooking in nature. All of the sudden, even a simple meal tastes better than the one made in your home kitchen. It’s not about cooking complex recipes with expensive ingredients. Basically, the fresh air and some basic cooking rules can transform a common food into a fine delight.

I believe that if you know some cooking tips, you’re good to go. However, you need to be prepared to have patience because it takes time to master the grill.

The first step is to establish what you are going to cooking before embarking on your camping trip. It’s important to pack cooking supplies such as a box of matches or lighter fluid that comes in handy if you prefer to do the cooking over an open fire.



In terms of dishes, you can never go wrong with a set. You’ll find plenty of options for sale to choose from that have everything a camper needs. Plus, most of these products are suitable for large groups of people and the manufacturing material is easy to clean and to handle. Nevertheless, you’ll be more than fine with a large and a medium pot, a pan, cans, aluminum foil, and a portable grate that you can put over the fire pit. Also, don’t forget to make room in your bag for a spatula and tongs. Without these two, you might have a hard time trying to pull the food of a fire.

There are several ways to cook while using a campfire. Some of them are easier while other more complex. For example, you’ll definitely need to make a roast during the majority of your camping trips. So, it’s important to develop your own technique that is effective and less time-consuming.

Generally, the basic form of cooking outdoors is to use direct heat. In addition, you have more than one option. Either you wrap the food in aluminum foil and put each piece on the hot coals until they are evenly cooked. Even though this method requires more than one checking, the results are great, especially if you cook things that need high temperatures.



Besides this, you can use a grate placed over the open fire and grill the meal just like you do when having a barbecue outside, in your backyard. The only drawback is that if you opt for this, it might take longer for the food to be ready.

If you want to make some soup or a delicious stew, you’ll need pots and pans. Then, after building the fire, let it die until the only remaining are the hot coals. Put the pot or the pan over these coals. It’s important to follow these steps because a meal like this requires a slow cooking process and a less fire.



5 gadgets you need to consider if you’re into RVing


I am spending a lot of time on outdoorsy adventures and most of this time, I am in my faithful RV. Since I go camping on my own, I need some clever devices to depend on. I am always interested in making the best of everything I buy, so a substantial investment like an RV, definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. Here is my take on 5 essential gadgets any RV owner should buy.



A backup camera

There is no other way around it. An affordable backup camera for RV is a must. You cannot make sure that you are preventing all the accidents that could happen only because you didn’t see what is going on behind you.

RVs, by definition, are large vehicles, and getting proper visibility in the back is quite an important issue. A backup camera can solve this problem, and it can keep you out of trouble, too, since you don’t have to rely on a rear view mirror only.



You may wonder why in the world you should purchase a GPS unit that caters specifically to RV owners. Why shouldn’t just any GPS do? For starters, there are some advantages to enjoy from getting an RV GPS. You will be able to learn about RV-friendly places along the way, and about routes that allow you to pass with your vehicle, thus preventing you from making significant detours.


A gadget for monitoring tire pressure

This is the type of device that doesn’t come cheap, but, in my opinion, it is one of the most helpful. Before reaching for some fancy coffee machine or who knows what else others might consider cool to have, like in my case, you should first invest in such a system.

Having to deal with a blowout tire on the road can be a real hassle. With the help of this tire monitoring system, you will be able to tell the state of your tires, to prevent such problems.



Electric braking system

I value safety above all else, and embarking on long RV trips sounds like the type of circumstance when I want and need to be extra cautious. In inclement weather, when the streets become wet and dangerous, having additional assistance for your brakes is invaluable. Invest in a good quality one, to enhance the braking abilities of your vehicle.


A weather radio

You should be able to stay informed on weather changes and especially on alerts related to rapidly changing conditions. I thought about getting a portable weather radio for my RV trips, so I can avoid unpleasant mishaps along the way and truly enjoy my adventures.